Donate to QCN

A student demonstrates QCN Live

Each gift to the Quake-Catcher Network will help QCN provide USB sensors to a worthwhile public or educational organization (K-12 schools, libraries, fire stations, police stations, public utility companies, universities, museums, and more). Your gift and involvement will help build and maintain the Quake-Catcher Network by providing much-needed seismic instrumentation in at-risk regions. These sensors also help educate the public about earthquakes and earthquake hazards.

To give to QCN, please fill out this online form, or make a check payable to:

    Quake-Catcher Network
    Geophysics Department
    379 Panama Mall
    Mitchell Bldg, Room 360
    Stanford, CA 94305

Please also provide the following information so we may thank you for your donation:

    City, State, Zip Code: