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Monitoring Software

Boinc for QCN

BOINC is software used to record earthquake data used in scientific studies. The software monitors the sensor either attached to your desktop computer or internal to your laptop and can be used to display the real-time sensor output to your screen. BOINC also allows you to participate in other science projects like SETI@home,, Rosetta@home, World Community Grid, and many others. Learn More About BOINC →

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Educational Software


QCNLive is educational software used to illustrate how the sensors work and is great for use in interactive demonstrations. Please note if you want to record earthquakes you should use the ‘BOINC for QCN’ software above; QCN-BOINC and QCNLive should not be run at the same time. The software can be used with lesson plans to teach students about seismology. Learn More →
QCN Live Manual →
Mac OS X 10.5+ (Intel only i386 & x86_64)
Mac OS X 10.4 (PowerPC & Intel)
Windows 32-bit
Linux 32-bit


USB Drivers

Hardware drivers are needed to run your USB motion sensor.

Color Model Windows
XP, Vista, & 7 32-bit
XP, Vista, & 7 64-bit
(OS X 10.4+)
Black ONavi Download Download Download 2011+
Red JoyWarrior24F14 None required None required Download 2010-2011
White JoyWarrior24F8 None required None required Download 2008-2010
Black MotionNodeAccel Download Unsupported Download 2008-2009