See if it’s working!

To see if your sensor is functioning and successfully uploading data to the server, you must first have:

  • Received your sensor (available HERE)
  • Downloaded the BOINC software (available HERE)
  • Followed the installation instructions (available HERE)

If you have already completed these steps, you are ready to see if your sensor is working as intended.

Step 1) Open up BOINC Manager.

If you are using Windows, type BOINC into your search bar, and BOINC Manager should appear. If you are using a Mac, type BOINC into Finder
and BOINC Manager should appear. Double click on this to bring up the BOINC Manager. If your BOINC software does not look exactly like the image to the right, your BOINC software is outdated. Please download the newest version HERE

Step 2) Viewing your sensor’s function in real-time.

If you would like to see if your sensor is properly recording accelerations, please click on “Task Commands”, located directly under the progress bar. Once opened, select the “Show Graphics” option.

**If the Task Commands / Show Graphics option is not available, your software is not working properly and you must refer back to the installation instructions located HERE**

The “Graphics Available” option should bring you to the main view, located below. From here, you can navigate to and from the main view, the global view, and the 2d view.

If the graphics are not showing accelerations and your sensor is properly connected to your computer, make sure that your sensor driver is properly installed. Sometimes it helps to re-install the driver.

Step 3) View your computer triggers

To view your computer triggers, go to the BOINC Manager and at the top left, click on view -> advanced view. This should open up a page like the one below (click on image twice to enlarge).


Once this screen has been opened, click on the listing “Quake-Catcher Network” to make available all of the options on the left hand side of the window. Once these options have been made available, click on “Computer
Triggers”. This should bring up the screen below which shows all of the triggers originating from your computer, shown below. If there are recent triggers, then your sensor and software are working as intended. The grey lines indicate timing pings that occur multiple times an hour and the black triggers indicate times of significant accelerations (e.g. earthquake, tapping the sensor, etc.).