QCN-EPIcenter Network

QCN and Education and Public Information Centers (EPIcenters)

The Quake-Catcher Network’s (QCN) collaboration with the Earthquake Country Alliance (ECA) Earthquake and Public Information Centers (EPIcenters) is a ‘network within a network’ that supports the missions of the QCN, the ECA-EPIcenter network, as well as its collaborating partners (e.g. USGS, SCEC, NEES, IRIS, NSF, EarthScope, and UNAVCO). This joint network will assist participating free-choice learning institutions in engaging broad and diverse audiences in QCN activities, by providing program materials and products for implementation and use. Overall, through access to these cutting-edge technologies, participating institutions will increase public awareness of earthquake science, participation in earthquake data collection, and earthquake preparedness of their communities throughout the United States.

EPIcenter Network Website
The EPIcenter community shares a commitment to demonstrate and encourage earthquake and tsunami preparedness. They coordinate the Earthquake County Alliance (ECA) activities in their county or region (e.g. ShakeOut), lead presentations or organize events in their communities, or in other ways demonstrate leadership in earthquake education and risk reduction. EPIcenters are found in a variety of free-choice learning venues, such as museums, science centers, libraries, and universities.

QCN-EPIcenter Kit
The QCN-EPIcenter Kit aims to ensure that we are helping institutions meet their education and research goals, appeal and encourage partners (e.g. NEES, IRIS, CGS, and USGS) to help promote QCN by incorporating their ideas, serve as a medium to promote the QCN and EPIcenter networks, and foster education in earthquake science, while also promoting research in the field. In addition, you can find how YOUR participation is crucial to the success of the QCN-EPIcenter network. Details on how to install and how to perform demonstrations with the sensor are included.

QCN-EPIcenter Prospectus
The QCN-EPIcenter Prospectus outlines a plan for the development of the QCN-ECA EPIcenter Network. As a ‘network within a network’, the QCN-EPIcenter Network assists participating free-choice learning institutions in the engagement of diverse audiences in QCN-sensor activities through the provision of program materials and products. The QCN-EPIcenter Network will support the respective missions of QCN, the ECA EPIcenter Network, Members of the ECA EPIcenter Network and collaborating earthquake-related institutions by providing access to cutting-edge technologies and research in earthquake science and preparedness. Overall, the QCN-EPIcenter Network hopes to increase knowledge of earthquake science, earthquake preparedness, and research in communities and regions throughout California.

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