Jennifer Saltzman

Role: Education & Outreach Coordinator
School of Earth Sciences
Stanford University
Address: 397 Panama Mall
Stanford, CA 94306
Phone: (650) 725-2410

Fax: (650) 725-6566

About Jenny

As the educational liaison between the QCN and teachers, Jennifer utilizes her experience to connect teachers to QCN and encourage classroom use of QCN, by creating lesson plans and actively supporting teachers through workshops and guides.

Her goal is to reach more teachers, to support them, and to help teachers and students understand how QCN operates as well as how earthquakes function. Jennifer has been employed by Stanford since 2005.

Quakes & Aftershocks

What excites you most about the QCN?

Itâs so wonderful that we can harness the technology to have an early warning system that could really help hospitals, trains, elevators, and national systems where a few seconds warning is the difference between life and death. Itâs amazing that the electronic signals move so quickly that Jesse could write the algorithms to get the message out. The technology of it excited me, and how we can use the tech, the power, and the infrastructure of what people have in homes and businesses, to help provide safety measures and emergency preparedness.

What is the QCN Team dynamic?

I am inspired by working with such creative and intelligent people who know the potential for the system and who recognize its value in K-12 education. Everyone is so excited about the program, and its potential.