Recent Quake Records

The map to the left shows possible earthquake records from recent earthquakes (last three months). Select a sensor or earthquake to view the seismograms recorded by QCN.

Laptop Sensor

USB sensor

     *Yellow quakes reported by the USGS.

Many records are just noise. Can you tell the difference between noise and a real earthquake? (Examples Here.)

Zoom in: double-left-click on an empty portion of the map.
Zoom out: double-right-click on an empty portion of the map (or hold cntrl and double-left-click).
Navigate: left-click on an empty portion of the map and drag it to where you want it.

Interpreting the Waveform Image:

    Blue: Z or vertical acceleration.
    Yellow: Y or North acceleration.
    Green: X or East acceleration.

    Units: m/s/s is acceleration.
    Trigger: The time a new vibration was detected by the sensor.

Note: Sensor locations may be accurate to 1km (for privacy).

The information contained on this page is not intended for official use. This is a scientific project aiming to validate the methods used to produce these data. For official earthquake characterization, please obtain the appropriate information from your national earthquake program or the USGS.